James Olmstead conductor
New Jersey Symphony

We’re sending out a Bat Signal… you’re invited to  Batman™ in Concert. Watch Tim Burton’s 1989 film (PG-13) on the big screen as the New Jersey Symphony performs Danny Elfman’s score, live. The Oscar-winning movie stars Michael Keaton, Kim Basinger, Billy Dee Williams and Jack Nicholson as the scene-stealing Joker. Danny Elfman came up with Batman’s theme while on a long flight—ducking into the airplane bathroom multiple times to record himself singing the melody so he wouldn’t forget. The flight attendants were suspicious, but it became one of the most iconic superhero themes of all time. Dress up in your favorite Batman or DC cosplay for this event—but no swooping through the air, please.

Presented in collaboration with the New Jersey Symphony.

Generous support for Classical performances provided by the Smart Family Foundation/David S. Stone, Esq., Stone & Magnanini