For a year, we’ve all been thinking deeply about social justice. We’ve been asking questions: How is racism manifested in our educational system, our criminal justice system, our own actions, and attitudes?

And what would a more just world look like? How can we improve our schools, our hospitals, our companies, our relationships, to ensure that everyone is treated equally, with respect and dignity? Should reparations be made to Black citizens — and how can we calculate the cost of centuries of injustice?

Throughout this year, NJPACs Standing in Solidarity gatherings has examined all angles of these questions.

In the Fall, our Standing in Solidarity series will recommence with more nuanced discussions and expert insight on topics including environmental justice, colorism, and the Afro-Latino experience in America.

But first, to conclude this year-long project of reflection on questions of race, equity, and justice, we’re revisiting some of the most thought-provoking of our panels, in live sessions with members of the Arts Center’s own Social Justice Programming Task Force.

Please join NJPAC at 7PM on Monday, August 9, to revisit two of our most engaging discussions, on Black women in the workplace, and on the impact of racism on the lives of those who are both Black and LGBTQ+.

A discussion of the film “She Did That,” and reflections on the experiences of Black women in the business world will be led by:

Latoya Dawson

NJPAC Marketing Manager
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Danielle Vauters

Sr. Manager, AED Programming & Performances
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Kitab Rollins

NJPAC’s Director of Performance and Broadcast Rentals
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Jennifer Tsukayama

Vice President, Arts Education
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