Get your hips moving this Wellness Wednesday with a bachata class led by Desiree Godsell!

Born in Houston, Texas, Desiree earned her BFA in dance education from the University of the Arts. After graduation, she began choreographing and dancing for the recording artist Santigold and jumpstarted her Latin dance career partnering with the Mambo King himself, Eddie Torres. Since then she has worked with many other Afro Latin dance artists including Griselle Ponce, Caribbean Soul, Lyric Cruz, Sekou McMiller, and since 2015 entered into a partnership with Alex Morel, forming the duo Alex and Desiree and branding their new company the Academic Network of Dance!

Additionally, Desiree has produced work for Harlem Stages, starred in the movie In the Heights and choreographed for the off-Broadway production of Carmen to Havana and Back. Now, for NJPAC, she is excited to share her charismatic energy and passion for Latin dance in this virtual class. Don’t miss your chance to move with Desiree on October 6 at 7:30 PM!

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