In celebration of Women’s History Month, the PSEG True Diversity Film Series focuses on India’s only all-female news network. The documentary film, Writing With Fire, captures the bravery, tenacity and charm of a small group of rural Dalit women, considered members of a low caste. In spite of their social status and limited means, they fearlessly uncover their country’s inequities and wrongdoings.  

In the United States, a changing media landscape has shuttered many print newspapers and reduced the budgets for local reporting. While local journalists strive to keep their communities informed, they must also contend with the challenges of monetizing an online media presence.

Women@NJPAC is curating our virtual panel conversation on the importance of a free press and the power of journalists to transform their communities. Our panelists will also share ideas on how to effect change and chip away at systems of oppression that have shaped lives for millennia. 

How to participate:

  1. Register here.
  2. You’ll receive a link to watch Writing With Fire at home.
  3. Join us for a virtual panel discussion at 7PM on March 20.



Shumita Basu

broadcast journalist; host, Apple News Today and In Conversation


Anurima Bhargava

Executive Producer, Writing With Fire; Founder/President, Anthem of Us

Stefanie Murray

Director, Center for Cooperative Media, Montclair State University

Alejandra Sorto 

Campaign Strategist, American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey