Get ready to break a sweat in this virtual dance fitness class led by Rhenotha Whitaker and Apryl Butler! All fitness levels are welcome!

Rhenotha and Apryl have been NETA certified Group Fitness and Zumba instructors since 2016, teaching workout classes at Newark Beth Israel’s Rev. Ronald B. Christian Wellness Center which was formed through local churches in Newark’s South Ward. Both women are wellness ambassadors for their churches; Rhenotha for Brown’s Chapel FWB Church and Apryl for St. Johns Community Baptist Church. You can catch Rhenotha on the Dr. Oz Show as a contributor and you can always find Apryl running full marathons across the country and abroad.

Both women are passionate about not just fitness but also living a healthy lifestyle! Now, for NJPAC, they will teach a fun dance fitness class that’s sure to get you pumped and leave you drenched in sweat. Join Rhenotha and Apryl for this Wellness Wednesday workshop on March 24 at 7:30PM.